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City Centre New Town Kolkata


This landmark of Kolkata is a crown jewel, the mall of the north east. The Humanoids are a part of an extensive program that include culturally sensitive butterflies having a wingspan of 10-12 feet cantilevered words up to 6 feet and sculpture celebrating the passion of the audiences that throng stadiums for their fanatically favorite sport – football! A team from GB actually stayed in Shantiniketan for a week, collaborating with local artists… absorbing local flavors.

Inspired by the 'Shantipuri' pattern, the dotted graphic translates onto a wide array of signs in varying finishes. Dinajpur masks, village – mela artists – ' Ronpa ' score of their interesting elements comprise of the EG program developed for the largest mall in Siliguri and then there is this 10 foot pager plane (obviously out of a more robust material) that is captured 'in flight' through 7 pages all suspended in the huge central atrium.