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Shauya Smarak Bhopal

A Sculpture developed based on the - A Salute To The Sacrifice… Martyrdom has various connotations. To the mother - she has lost her son. To the wife - it’s her life partner she had to give up. To the motherland - it’s the ultimate sacrifice. To all others - we should be extremely grateful, for it is because of these brave hearts that we can enjoy freedom and be carefree. The abstract form is intentionally interpretative. It is a ‘vandana’, a namaskar from the main axis; it also represents a drop of blood from each other viewpoints. It’s a tribute to the martyrs, a salute to their sacrifice. The 24th feet tall red sculpture stands at a fantastic vantage point on the verdant surroundings of this was memorial. The rusted heavy gauge of moured tanks, the raw concrete of bunkers, the simplicity of stenciled typography – all these are inspirations for the forms & details – truly like no other END

A unique program demands a distinctive response and that is exactly what we strived for in the design concepts developed for the War memorial in Bhopal. Rugged metal, remnants on war, inlaid materials, and cast in situ substrates form a unified language across internal and external signs.